High School Seniors

Applying to college is a complex matchmaking process between a student and university, finding the one distinct community from amongst 3,350 diverse U.S. higher education institutions, where a student can network with peers and mentors in search of knowledge that can translate into economic well-being. 

Each student and each parent, given their individuality and degrees of willingness to collaborate with guides, traverse the college admissions undertaking in their own unique way. Therefore, students and parents need objective, experienced counsel and at times, nuanced counsel in order to define, revise and execute a college admissions strategy. 

To serve the diverse needs of families, each devising their own distinctive higher educational plans, we’ve developed a suite of sundry retainers, evolved from lessons learned throughout nearly twenty years helping families navigate the complexity of the modern college admissions process successfully.


ELITE Retainer Option:



For students who will complete multiple complex applications—requiring multiple separate yet interlocking, autobiographical essays, letters of recommendation, admissions interviews, all to elucidate the multifarious facets of a student’s life experience—subject to the highest scrutiny in college admissions. Thus, CMC’s experts rigorously collaborate with each applicant in intense inquiry-based reflections, challenging each senior’s assumptions in order to concisely and precisely argue how their character and vision align with each university

Parents, understanding the complexity of their student’s particular admissions strategy, seek CMC’s professional guidance to lessen the risk of miscalculations, including objective management of the entire application process,  as well as best support their student’s ambitious educational aims. 

As a consequence, seniors delineate their life’s purpose, plotting a course for their further education, regardless of their admissions outcomes thus reducing the risk of malinvestment.

SELECTIVE Retainer Options:



For students applying to numerous colleges with robust, complicated applications—multiple autobiographical essays per application, admissions interviews, and letters of recommendation, requiring increased scrutiny to parse the nuances of an applicant’s qualifications for admissions—we recommend our Prime Retainer

Having ready-access to seasoned advisors, students are assured of having their views and assumptions rigorously challenged in a timely manner, crucial for rendering critical analysis to provide detailed insights, and progress consistently in completing quality college applications. 

Furthermore, parents, in an effort to support their children’s educational pursuits, yet seeking to mitigate potential contention typical of the parent-teenage relationship, entrust CMC’s objective advisors to effectively manage the college application process from beginning to end.



For parents, whose children are applying to colleges with average application complexity and thus the concomitant level of admissions selectivity, endeavoring to minimize risk of strategic missteps and college malinvestment, we recommend Distinguished College Application Guidance retainer. 

CMC’s experts will guide seniors through a rigorous self-reflection process essential for crafting insightful autobiographical college essays. Furthermore, applicants can also discover their aptitude, an awareness that will become the compass needed to seek out opportunities in college and throughout their life.

Additionally, our seasoned advisors moderate conversations, counseling parents and students in reaching a consensus regarding their student’s college plans, as well as manage the intricacies of the college application process.

PREPARATORY Retainer Options:



Strategic guidance delivered at timely intervals for seniors who are either attempting to complete college applications with limited complexity and modest selectivity or for those who although are completing more rigorous and selective applications, can collaborate with our expert advisors in sporadic, yet advantageous confabs to effectively complete the college application process. 

In addition, CMC’s advisors also counsel parents about how to best support their children’s educational goals, often dispelling college admissions myths heard from other parents, while providing accurate and up-to-date information about the admissions process, lessening the risks of strategic missteps from inexperience.



For students and parents who retain CMC’s experts to either confirm or if needed, help revise their college admissions strategy to avoid costly mistakes. We advise clients strategically, dictated by the cyclicality of the admissions process on issues ranging from application support to college selections to editorial assistance, as needed. 

Furthermore, through rigorous questioning as a guided self-reflection during the college essay writing process, CMC’s experts help applicants clarify their autobiographical narratives, as well as help resolve writer's blocks, again as needed.

STANDARD Retainer Options:



Parents and students in need of strategic guidance, but not exactly sure to what amount and when are confident that when confounded they can depend upon CMC’s experts to advise them as needed throughout the college admissions process on issues which can include, editorial advising through any stage of the writing process, answering technical application process questions from requesting letters of recommendation to preparing for admissions interviews, as well as guidance to articulate a vision based on an understanding of one’s aptitude.



Parents who want to guide their students through the college admissions process but lack understanding of the ever-changing, and mostly digital college admissions process, depend on CMC’s expert counsel to fill a strategic gap. Our consultants are available by phone, email, text or video conference throughout the unfolding of the college admissions process.  In addition, parents receive FYI, CMC’s news alerts, with timely tips for navigating the college admissions process.



CMC’s experts moderate a conversation during a single strategic session between parents and their children attempting to devise a strategy for navigating the complexities of the college admissions process, which includes both college selection as well as the elaborate, increasing complexity and subjectivity of the college application process. Finally, we’ll initiate the college essay idea-generating process, integral to submitting insightful applications for admissions.

ACADEMICS Retainer Options:



We teach students to practice effectively so they can gain confidence in their test-taking abilities, thus improve their accuracy and overall scores.

As tutors, we’ll assess a student’s performance, then design a unique test practice plan, as well as devise a testing-day strategy to maximize their efforts during the multi-hour long test experience. Typically, we begin the preparation process 6-8 weeks before a scheduled SAT or ACT. 

Additionally, as college admissions consultants and educators, we’ll advise both students and their parents about the value of an SAT or ACT score as part of the student’s overall college admissions strategy, especially given the current widespread test-optional admissions process.



We offer an advising support retainer for students to learn how to manage the work of school.

To achieve in school, students need to complete numerous, and sometimes extensive assignments, often simultaneously as well as comprehend complex subject matter, all while maintaining extracurricular commitments. Yet, parents and students often misinterpret lower-than-expected grades as only a lack of comprehension, often hiring tutors for remediation, yet may not address any lack of management skill

To compound any difficulties, high school teachers rarely explicitly teach students how to learn, instead expect that teens will learn to or already know how to manage their workload. 

Additionally, teens, typically asserting their own agency, may not readily seek or implement their parents’ advice, and conversely, parents want their teens to be self-sufficient so may be reluctant to intervene. 

When families retain Creative Marbles’ objective, expert guides: 

√ Parents and students gain on-demand access to advisors, as well as timely, forward-looking guidance, tailored to each family’s specific educational needs.

√ Parents and students learn how to transform partnerships with teacher(s) to best support their students’ academic efforts. 

√ Students learn how to manage an increasingly digitalized educational process, as well as on-going homework assignments to improve their management skills.

√ Students gain a sounding board to better direct their learning process to gain greater confidence in one’s inherent ability.

A diverse advisory team, including Harvard trained experts with a decade of high school teaching experience, now directly counseling families regarding a variety of educationally related topics. 

If you’d like more details about how we can help students manage the work of managing school and their own learning process, contact Jill at Creative Marbles Consultancy, jill@creativemarbles.com or (916) 769-6092.

A diverse advisory team, including a Harvard trained expert with a decade of high school teaching experience, now directly counseling families regarding a variety of educationally related topics. 

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For more information or to purchase one or more of these retainer options for your family, please contact us at info@creativemarbles.com or call (916) 769-6092.

CMC’s advisors are also available to speak about trends in college admissions with parent and community organizations, companies, or at private gatherings.