4-Yr College Students

Creative Marbles Consultancy’s advisors have dedicated their lives to educating the young.  Over the last fifteen years, CMC’s consultants have collaborated with hundreds of families to navigate the increasingly complicated college admissions process. Every student deserves a college where they can nurture their talents and create lasting economic success—a goal which is our passion.


COUNSEL Retainer Option:



Many students, although having  successfully gained admission to college, are inexperienced, just emerging, out from under their parents protection, often unsure how to unlock the potential of a higher education.  

Students therefore often risk malinvestment, of which costs, in both opportunity as well as financially, will be amplified over their lifetime.  

FACT: between 2010-2016, only 61% of college students reported seeking assistance at the career services office, the greatest percentage since the 1940’s. 

FACT: Nationwide, only 60% of students complete college after six years, while only 43% graduate in four years. 

FACT: 37% of all students transfer colleges at least once in a six year period. 

FACT: 33% of first year students don’t re-enroll for the second year at the same four year college.

We offer a variety of college support retainers to provide students as well as their families, timely, strategic advising, supplementing or even supplanting often overly promoted, minimal, and seldomly effective counsel offered at many colleges.   

Creative Marbles’ educational experts seek to understand the student within the context of their experiences, knowing students, like all individuals, will eschew counsel irrelevant to their unique ability and vision no matter how much support is readily available.  Thus, we offer a variety of support options, given no two families and college students are exactly the same.




To write, to express, is essential for beings to thrive, not just survive. Although in school they teach many ideas and skills, writing is seldom one of them. Many students write to survive academically, seeking to emulate the teacher's voice in order to meet the standards necessary to achieve the desperately sought after grade

Many students, although they learn to play the academic grade game, often lose their unique writing voice in the process and by default, the ability to seek truth and understanding. Some students unable to write in their authentic voice begin to suffer academically, becoming even more misunderstood as a result. 

We have been teaching writing and playing the role of editors for over twenty years and can help any aged student improve their written communication not only for academic assignments, creative writing, college or graduate school applications, but also so they can (re)discover their genuine sense of self, the internal compass that guides us all.    

We teach students the magic of the writing process which they can adapt to any type of writing they choose or are assigned, and through guided practice, learn how to format their writing in order to effectively convey their ideas. 

Additionally, parents gain detailed and expert educational insight about their student’s written communication, as well as recommendations to support their student in regaining confidence in their writing ability. 

To write is a gift that should not be wasted, set aside because tedium inherent in academia has consumed the student’s willingness to express their most intimate thoughts, feelings and desires, secrets of the soul essential to be exposed so as to guide their choices, enrich their understanding of the world, in the quest for peace of mind they were born to find.

A diverse advisory team, including a Harvard trained expert with a decade of high school teaching experience, now directly counseling families regarding a variety of educationally related topics. 

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CMC’s advisors are also available to speak about trends in college admissions with parent and community organizations, companies or a private gathering.