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Youthful Lessons

Teenage hubris born of naïve invincibility is often mistaken for insolence – punishable by grounding, cell phone revoking, internet banning, and parental embargoes on any activities outside of school.  Yet, teenagers may be mere reflections of humankind’s inherent pride – our belief that we as a species and we alone are masters of the universe. The …


Thinking of Others + Ingenuity + Space = Innovation

A teacher colleague once described middle school students as, “Hormones with feet.”  These middle schoolers break the stereotype.  And, at the same time, the ‘tween girls earned Verizon’s Innovative App Challenge top award of $15,000, plus technical support to bring their invention to life. Don’t underestimate the power of youth.   Related PostsOn Writing Are …


The Journey of our Youth

I recently watched the movie, White Squall, directed by Ridley Scott and stars Jeff Bridges as the captain.  The movie is based on the real events of the people involved in the year-long school-at-sea program on the brigantine, Albatross. The program is set up to provide students with sailing lessons, alongside college preparatory courses. Besides …