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The State of A College Education: How Golden Is The Golden Ticket? Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2, sentiment amongst college students and prospective college students may already be declining, which could be exacerbated even further, as we weather the current global pandemic with closed college campuses and students dispersed to their childhood homes. Additionally, the last of the Millennials are now college graduates, but experiencing a current …


Why a College Degree May Not Be a Guarantee of “Wealth” and Prosperity

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The Worth of Wealth

What is wealth?  The Urban Institute recently reported that the average net worth of today’s 29 to 37 year old has fallen 21% in comparison with previous generations since 1983.  On the surface, this idea of “less wealth” may seem like a bad thing, as generally, I don’t like to be “less” at anything.  However, …