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Is College the New Speculation?

Often students earn college degrees to increase their likelihood of future financial stability.  Yet, as college costs are rising, students and their parents subsequently are borrowing more to earn said degree, thus students “spend” the equivalent of a few years’ of post-graduation wages while parents may delay retirement, the question is, “Is college worth the …


And, You Thought College Tuition Was Expensive…

A new report from the Economic Policy Institute shows that in multiple states, childcare expenses are greater than college tuition… Related PostsSAT Adversity Scores Guest Post: Study Abroad from a Parent’s Perspective Open for business, partially


Where is the “Middle” in Middle Class?

Middle class families can sometimes feel like this: Cartoon credit: Americans for Limited Government, 2015 Especially when considering the annually increasing tuition, and other costs for a college education:   Related PostsPurposeful Failure Common App Essays Part 2: How to Write College Essays “Situational Awareness”


Ahead of the Curve: All About Financing A College Education

Thoughts from the news: Flip Side of Reducing Student Debt Is Increasing the Federal Deficit, New York Times, February 11, 2015—for every benefit, there is a cost Looking At Student Loan Defaults Through a Larger Landscape, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, February 19, 2015—student loan defaults are not only increasing, but also occurring earlier in …


Ahead of the Curve: March 18, 2014

From Our Clients: The New SAT: current high school freshman (Class of 2017) will be the first students to take the recently updated SAT.  The newest version with an optional essay section, will be given for the first time in Spring 2016.  Stay tuned for how the new SAT will or will not affect the college …


Ahead of the Curve: February 27, 2014

From Our Clients: Aaaaccck! How do we pay for college?  Parents often tell themselves, “First things first.  Applications, THEN we’ll think about how to pay for college.”  Totally an expected reaction, when considering the six figure totals for a college education these days.  However, the planning to pay for college can take place long before …


Ahead of the Curve: January 5, 2014

From Our Clients:  More Common App Problems: January 1 is one of the common college application due dates for popular and highly selective colleges, like Stanford, Harvard, Rice, Brown, Notre Dame, Claremont McKenna, Northwestern – just to name a few.  In the midnight hours starting on the East Coast and moving West, the Common Application website, …


Will College Price Itself Out of Its Demand?

As the price of tuition continues rising, will students (and their families) choose to forgo a college education?  The most recent college application cycle for Fall 2013 doesn’t seem to indicate that students are not choosing a college education.  Applicant numbers are up around the country from a 10.7% increase for the University of California …


College (Un)Affordability: Real, Perceived or A Little of Both?

We’ve been hearing questions from increasing numbers of families about paying for college, as we also posted earlier.  Many of the families asking questions are professionals, college educated, with two incomes and making the same dollar figure of salary as past years, but find these same dollars aren’t stretching as far as in the past. …

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College Selection and Financial Aid in the Era of Rising College Tuition: Part One

This is the first in a series of Podcasts dedicated to the complex topic of financial aid as it relates to college selection, with its focus on seeking the greatest return on one’s investment in a college education during an era of rising college costs. We hope you enjoy our thoughts and as always, feel …


Something’s Gotta Give

Two recent charts say it all. The first shows the average growth in tuition versus income over the past 35 years. As you can see our growth in income (United States only) through 1986 kept pace with the growth in average tuition (plus fees, room and board). Since 1986 our growth in income has not …


California’s Prop 30 and Possible CSU Tuition Increase

If Proposition 30, a tax increase initiative on the November ballot, doesn’t pass, CSU students and their families could be faced with an additional 5% tuition increase mid-school year, on top of the 5% increase that was instituted for before the Fall 2012 school year started. Similarly, UC students and their families are facing a …