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“I Forgot My Calculator for the ACT!”

About the author: I’m Karli Ching and I graduated with C.K. McClatchy High School’s Class of 2015.  I attend University of California, Davis as a biological sciences major pre-med student. ____________________________________________________ When I was taking the ACT for the second time during my senior year in October, I was taking it to improve my math score …


Guest Post: SAT: Stressful Anxiety Time

About the Author: After being accepted to four year college, but choosing to postpone going to college in favor of pursing a career as a cyclist, David in his spare time works at Hubbubbaloo Creative.  In the following, he offers insights to the challenges in taking the SAT or ACT.   __________________________________________________ It’s a cold Saturday morning. You pull …


Scantron Tests: A Jedi Mind Trick?

Ever marked three of the same letter answers in a row and seriously start questioning the correctness of your thinking on a Scantron answer sheet?    Double checking and triple checking your work–as the minutes tick by and you become more frantic to finish the test before the period is up?  And, you know in …