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Senioritis Defined: When is school going to be over??!!!

From Sidney, a Class of 2019 Senior, over a series of text messages: Yep, I’m Squidward banging on the window on when school is over. And, Patrick is my [AP] teachers speaking to the class. In a monotone voice that makes all the seniors bored and sleepy. Also, Squidward is the representation of how seniors …


The Human Element of Learning

In the relationship between the student and the teacher, when the personalities are in sync, then you know it.  A conflict–temporary or more on-going–can skew learning and create longer lasting consequences than just the school year.  Understanding any conflict, objectively, takes some effort on the teenager’s, parent’s and teacher’s parts.    What’s a general complaint? …


En Garde! Writers’ Block Be Damned

For many students, ’tis the season for writing – writing in school – and for those fully engaged in the college admissions process, the writing seems to be without end. Not all required writing is purposeful, hence the tedious nature of it. Writing the required essays on the college applications, though, is for many, the …