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Delicious Student Loan Relief

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While Mom always warns us not to eat too much fast food, Burger King’s recent offer may change her mind. Given the historically record setting $1.5 Trillion total student loan debt, Burger King is offering 301 of the 44 million Americans with student debt some relief–up to $100,000 for one lucky person and $500 each …


Does a Free Lunch Exist?

Here’s how to borrow $127,000 in student loans, only repay $87,000 over twenty years, and have the U.S. Government pick up the tab for the $450,000 still owed at the end of the repayment period.  [Notice the quadrupling effect on the total balance owed because of the interest that accrues in the two decade long repayment period? …


Living with Mom & Dad?

Is the trend shown in the chart below, caused by the increase in student loans, as seen in the following chart? Charts Courtesy: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research & Zero Hedge, October 26, 2014 Related PostsFinding A College Can Feel Like Searching for a Needle in the Haystack Ahead of the Curve: October 23, 2013 Low SAT …


Why Winning Free Money Takes Effort

Scholarships are not mysterious.  Winning them takes work – which is only a continuation of the efforts to be eligible to compete for scholarships in the first place.   Related PostsStandardized Testing: The Good, The Bad and A Hmmmm…Moment Huh? A School Profile? What’s that Got to Do with My College Application? Why Teens Don’t …


College Costs: Myth vs. Reality

A tongue-in-cheek look at rising college costs, yet gives another incentive for college bound teens to think thoroughly about their college choices. Related PostsU.S. Congress Considering Student Loan Interest Rate Increase Guest Post: A Mom Shares Her Experience About “Mommyness” Youthful Lessons