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Private Isn’t Always Private Anymore

Last summer, Harvard Admissions Dean William Fitzsimmons’ rescinded the acceptance of Kyle Kashuv, Parkland High School advocate, for a two-year old social media post, Dean Fitzsimmons deemed to be racist, stating: Harvard reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission under various conditions, including ‘ ‘if you engage or have engaged in behavior that …


Sigh of Relief for Parents: CA Passed an Online “Eraser” Law

The California Legislature and Governor Jerry Brown recently enacted the Online “Eraser” Law.  Good news for parents concerned about social media’s impact on their children’s possible college admissions and future employment.  Starting in 2015, teenagers will be able to request photos of embarrassing or otherwise youthful indiscretions be deleted by online providers.  (The caveat: anyone …


Social Media & College Life

Anonymous Facebook pages, known as “Confessions” pages are allowing college students to post whatever they want about their campus life–unedited–which can be both cathartic and mean-spirited, stoking fears about cyber-bullying. After a quick survey (very quick), the pages read like old fashioned bathroom stall graffiti–only forever preserved in bits and pixels. Like bathroom stall graffti, …