The UC Extends Test-Free Admissions Through Fall 2025

On May 14, 2021, University of California (UC) officials agreed to extend “test-free” admissions policies through Fall 2025, meaning SAT or ACT scores will not be required nor considered in either admissions or scholarship considerations for the next four application cycles. Current Class of 2022 high school juniors through current eighth graders will be affected by the settlement agreement in…

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An Open Letter to the University of California

Dear UC President Janet Napolitano, the UC Board of Regents, Chancellor Gary May, Chancellor Carol Christ, Chancellor Howard Gillman, Chancellor Nathan Bostrom, Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox, Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla, Chancellor Harry T. Yang, Chancellor Cynthia K. Larive: In reviewing the University of California’s changes to admissions policies for Fall 2021 admissions, affecting current high school students, I respectfully ask…

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Spring SAT Cancellations?

Updated: March 14, 2020 March 12, 2020 Dear The College Board: As K-12 administrators close school campuses around the country due to the COVID-19 outbreak, thus canceling Saturday’s March 14 SAT as well as potentially SAT tests in May and June, it’s urgent that The College Board address a growing set of concerns. Without answers to the following concerns, how can…

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SAT Adversity Scores

The Wall Street Journal recently unveiled of what’s being called, “SAT Adversity Score”, which is an attempt to address the question of fairness in college admissions, as well as the “nature vs. nurture” debate about what most influences a human to develop their full human potential. In their own executive summary, The College Board reasons the development of an “Adversity…

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NO SAT!?! NO ACT!?! UChicago’s Curve Ball

Testing is not the be-all and the end-all, said James G. Nondorf, U-Chicago’s dean of admissions and financial aid. He said he didn’t want “one little test score” to end up “scaring students off” who are otherwise qualified. From The Washington Post,  June 14, 2018 On June 14, 2018, the University of Chicago’s John W. Boyer, dean of the college,…

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Guest Post: SAT: Stressful Anxiety Time

About the Author: After being accepted to four year college, but choosing to postpone going to college in favor of pursing a career as a cyclist, David in his spare time works at Hubbubbaloo Creative.  In the following, he offers insights to the challenges in taking the SAT or ACT.   __________________________________________________ It’s a cold Saturday morning. You pull your car into a foreign…

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Ahead of the Curve: August 9, 2014

Inspired by CMC Clients: OMG College ESSAYS! College essays are often feared. Topic selection can confound students, who’re under the impression that a traumatic-dramatic-life-altering experience makes a compelling college essay. However, choosing the “perfect” topic is not necessary to begin writing.  Simply start putting words on the page.  Then, students will have some thoughts to edit and refine. Knowing that the first…

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Ahead of the Curve: June 14, 2014

Inspired by CMC Clients: To tour or not? Summer is a convenient time for families to visit colleges, yet also is not ideal for experiencing a more authentic view of campuses, as college students are on break too.  Empty buildings and deserted pathways demonstrate the majesty of a college, however not necessarily the vitality.  Since teens, who may prize a social life greater than…

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Scantron Nightmares

Say, “S-A-T” or “A-C-T” to a high school junior, and watch their whole demeanor change.  The idea that a test score that will be considered as part of a future college application can provoke a racing pulse and perspiration. A typical conversation with Juniors about the SAT and ACT goes something like this:

Test Taking Tips

As high school Juniors prepare for the SAT and ACT this spring, some test taking tips from Creative Marbles favorite, eight-year old commentator, who offers his thoughts about getting ready for exam time.  As an added bonus, his advice can help with everyday classroom tests as well.  

To Take or Not Take the SAT Subject Tests

Not all SAT tests are created the same.  There’s the SAT Subject Tests and the SAT Reasoning Test.  Generally, people know the SAT Reasoning Test, as those scores are the ones published over and over in the newspaper and on college admissions offices webpages – simply referred to as the SAT.  However, SAT Subject Tests are also offered to students,…

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