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Passion Practiced in the Dorm Room Promoted in the New Yorker

MAY 22, 2017 Pith Graduates from the Dorm Jonah Reider was a senior at Columbia University when he became a famous chef. Now he serves eight-course tasting menus in a ritzy Brooklyn town house. By Emma Allen Photograph by William Mebane for The New Yorker There are plenty of weird ways to get famous these …

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“Passion” is not Just for Soap Operas; It’ll Help Get You Into College

The Notre Dame Supplement asks: ” You may have noticed that you have an exemplary passion that separates you from your peers. How does this intense focus set you apart and how will it affect your life’s journey? Please provide us with as much concrete evidence as possible.” Listen as Art and Jill define the …


Seeking to understand your purpose

Reading about the death of Ray Bradbury a few weeks ago led me again to wonder about the purpose of life. Having been alive for 47 years, one thinks this question would have been answered by now, but here I am still wondering. Maybe it is this wondering that keeps me searching for something innovative, …