Bubble cubicle

Kids Return to Campus, But Not to Normalcy

As the number of diagnosed COVID cases plateaus and more Americans are vaccinated, more K-12 administrators are reconvening classes in person, while educators who had already implemented a hybrid schedule during the past few months are now returning to full five day a week, everyone together on campuses. Yet returning to classrooms may be more complicated than expected with modified…

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Homeschool parody

Parents in the Age of the Zoom Schoolhouse

In Zoom School, some parents are redefining “Parent Participation”, or from their kids’ perspective, finding new ways to be embarrassing. 😂 To learn more how experts at Creative Marbles Consultancy, help families resolve complex educational and college admissions concerns, especially during the COVID-induced disruption of education, read more at creativemarbles.com

Comedy: Aaron Zamost observation of today's distance learning

The Lessons of Distance Learning: Comedy Version

For all the challenges of distance learning, some students and their parents are re-imagining the schooling process. One college student is redefining “multi-tasking”, making sure he attends virtual class while pursuing his physical education at the same time: While another student is building life skills as well as understanding why physical activity is important, plus further defined “irony” for his…

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COVID Crossword

In response to a reported case of COVID-19, K-12 school administrators and teachers in one California district must navigate the myriad, interlocking actions as outlined below: While everything works in theory, when created in a vacuum, the theory may be less useful in practice. One teacher shared that their school nurses, working in conjunction with the county public health officials,…

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Guest Post: The Declaration of a College Applicant

Ellie, a high school senior, wrote the following reflection for one of her college essays: In life, I have just been going through the motions, never stopping to pause and contemplate or observe anything. I chased happiness, but once I finally held contentment in my grasp, it quickly slipped through my fingers and the chase started all over again. Until…

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Frustrations About Testing

To stymie cheating, teachers are changing assessments. Instead of simply reiterating the concepts learned, students are being asked to explain their answers or apply the concepts learned. However, no one shared the changes in how they’ll be assessed with students, inciting frustration amongst students as well as parents, and also teachers.  Online, students have access to calculators, Wikipedia and other…

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Trouble in the College Market

Two-thirds of all US universities are expecting enrollment to decrease in Fall 2020, with obvious impacts to fiscal revenues. For universities already reporting growing fiscal deficits from the initial COVID-impact in the Spring 2020 academic term, the loss of revenues can further compound the sustainability of the modern American university.  According to the latest statistics from the National Center for…

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Timely, Innovative Advising Services for the COVID-disrupted 2020-21 year

Creative Marbles Consultancy is offering a new advising retainer to help families navigate the current COVID-induced disruption in education.  We can assist in the sometimes complicated transition from a teacher centered (pre-COVID) to a now more student directed learning process, the new normal in the 2020-21 COVID-disrupted school year in order to ensure that long term educational goals are met. …

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Is Sentiment the Cost Now that Freedom Has Been Lost?

The Modern College, a place where students guided by mentors, supported by peers, experiment with adult responsibilities, free to discover their life’s purpose, only impersonates its Pre-COVID self.  To mitigate health risks of the pandemic, in March and again in Fall 2020, university administrators are restricting students’ freedoms, for which they believe they must, yet, in doing so, their actions…

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Diminished Learning from a Distance

The 2020-21 virtual K-12 schooling experiment, born of necessity from the wholesale disruption of the modern educational process and haphazardly planned and implemented by an institutional elite that does not have to practice managing entrepreneurially since the educational industry is relatively monopolistic, is failing for a variety of reasons.  Although I admit that the sample of students I’ve polled (public…

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The Shrinking American Middle Class, Part 4

The American middle class is shrinking, as educational achievement plateaus at the average level of attainment and more middle class families compensate the lagging educational achievement with discretionary spending on extracurricular activities and supplemental academic support services.  By the late 1970’s, the collapse of American manufacturing sector made way for the meteoric rise of the knowledge-based service and technology sectors,…

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