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Adulthood Delayed?

Moms On quarantine: Cook, Feed, Bath 22-year-old Baby, and repeat 🐼 Posted by Jafrin Joytee on Saturday, April 4, 2020 Many students, who while at college are “adults in training”, returned home for the remainder of the school year, finishing their studies online. Yet, the unintended consquence is reverting to childhood roles, letting moms “mother” …


Are we there yet?

No one knows when schools will reopen and “normal” life will resume. In the midst of the health emergency, ten states have simply closed all K-12 public schools and summarily ended their school year—Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and Vermont. However, for the other 40 states, the ending of school …



The University of Washington President, Ana Mari Cauce, announced today that all in-person courses at all University of Washington campuses will be suspended as of Monday, March 9 for the remainder of the quarter and until the beginning of Spring Quarter on March 30. Similarly, the President of Seattle University Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J. also …