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Student Debt in Seven Charts

Not all student debt is ruinous.  However, borrowing can be complex.  Loans spend tomorrow’s income today, and for college students, a promise of tomorrow’s income is spent to pay for expenses in the present day.  Understanding recent growth in student loans and the challenges of repayment can help potential student loan borrowers consider both the benefits and the risks before borrowing. …


What’s The Value of a University of California Education?

Roughly 30 percent of every dollar we take in from tuition we reinvest back in financial aid. So the nominal tuition is $12,000 but the real tuition is probably about $8500. It’s like the sticker price on an automobile: 62 percent of our students don’t pay the sticker price, [which is] income adjusted. But it’s …


Ode to Dale Carnegie By Art Baird

Attempting to motivate others has been my life’s work. Some would say I was born to the task; others would add that I am capable of motivating a dog to leap from a fully packed meat truck.  Much of my supposed ability to motivate others seems to stem from a more inherent desire to help …