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SAT & ACT In Flux

Like Bart Simpson above, college applicants typically are nervous about taking tests, yet with the lingering pandemic, their anxieties may be more complex. Both the ACT and The College Board added testing opportunities, beyond the usual test schedule, to compensate for cancelled Spring 2020 tests. Between July and December 2020, the ACT will be offered …


Questions to Ask About Potential School Closures

As the COVID-19 continues spreading, parents and students may question how to protect their well-being, as well as plan for the continuity of their education, especially as U.S. Health Officials and regional public health directors offer new guidance to school administrators and college officials every day regarding the coronavirus.   School closures and the transfer …

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Mission (Im)Possible?

“I just looked at it [the original Star Trek series] as science fiction, ’cause that wasn’t going to happen, really, but Ronald saw it as science possibility.” – Carl McNair, about his brother, Astronaut Ronald McNair, who died aboard The Challenger in 1986 While we all face difficulties in our lives, some continue to move …