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The State of College Affairs, Part 1

In the chart above, the confidence amongst college graduates has steadily increased during the longest economic expansion in U.S. history. Yet, as said sentiment drops with each recession and economists now predict recession within the next twelve months, I’d posit that sentiment amongst college graduates is rolling over and will revisit the 2009 lows. I …


Where is the “Middle” in Middle Class?

Middle class families can sometimes feel like this: Cartoon credit: Americans for Limited Government, 2015 Especially when considering the annually increasing tuition, and other costs for a college education:   Related PostsApplying to College is Simple, NOT. Imagination is Not Just for Kids Guest Post: A Parents’ Perspective Times Two


Tough Love

As regular readers recall, the news about stagnant American household median income is not a new story, more of an evolving story about how more American middle class families are adjusting to life with less income.  Lifestyle adjustments are just one possible shift in American households.  More often, I’m hearing parents ask questions about how …