Guilt? I Didn’t See that On My College Bill

Without understanding the value of a college degree, students can sense, what they often term, “guilt.”  They may not confidently understand why their families, and increasingly themselves (in the form of student loans), are paying the thousands of dollars (and rising each year) that a college degree costs. Listen to the following podcast, featuring Julie Nguyen CFO & Managing Partner…

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“No Student Loans”: Is that possible?

Don’t want to borrow for college expenses?   Some universities across the U.S. are implementing financial aid policies, where no (or limited amounts) of loans will be offered in the financial aid award letter. Knowing the financial aid policy of colleges–before applying–can help a family have dollar amounts to determine the value of a college, given the prospective university’s commitment to…

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“College is too expensive” or Is It?

Multiple kids maturing to college age, shrinking retirement funds, loss of home equity, loss of personal wealth, plus annually rising college tuition and costs…no wonder middle class families are concerned about financial aid.    When families assume all children will graduate from college, the question is, “What is the family’s collective (this includes all siblings, not just mom and dad) willingness…

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Future Success + Financial Constraints = College?

More families, and younger, are asking Creative Marbles about financial aid and paying for college.   Parents are facing difficult choices between supporting multiple kids through 4 years of higher education and saving for retirement, while confronting the challenge of encouraging their children to dream big, yet understanding the realities of financing that educational dream.

College costs more than 4 years of tuition

Student loan debt is future income brought forward.  To an 18 year old college Freshman, with little experience in financial responsibility, this concept may be foreign.   Financial literacy is only part of the resolution; students and parents need foresight and continued roll-up-their-sleeves effort to pick colleges that will give them the greatest value for their dollar, time and future income.

ACT & SAT Scores Can Affect Financial Aid, Too

Many families ask Creative Marbles about preparing for the ACT and/or SAT, as a way to boost a students’ competitiveness for admissions.  There’s another reason to prepare.  Merit aid scholarships can be awarded on a sliding scale, based on ACT & SAT scores and GPA–as scores and GPA increases, the amount of merit aid increases.    For public out-of-state universities…

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