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College Acceptances Are Like the Oscars for Seventeen Year Olds

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Receiving a college acceptance letter can feel like a Sally-Field-Oscar-Acceptance-Speech moment.  ;> Cheers to everyone receiving more than one! Related PostsThe Benefits of “Frenemies”? College Admissions Decisions: The Troll Underneath the Bridge or The Gateway to Oz “Open Your Eyes!”


The Bittersweetness of Choosing a College

  “We live in a house around the corner from my parents. He’s gone to all the same schools I went to, and his grandfather went to. We’ve lived this suburban, settled lifestyle. And, now, we’re telling him we want him to dream and live a life in the arts, if that’s what he wants. …


No “Fat lady” Singing For Fall 2014 College Applicants

Every year, many colleges across the United States and internationally still have open slots for Fall enrollment.  Even though May 1st is the national deadline to enroll in colleges, Seniors can still apply and be accepted to a variety of colleges for Fall 2014 enrollment. And, not to fear, many colleges are still open to …


They’re Called Growing Pains for a Reason

Seniors all over the country, who are facing May 1st deadline to officially enroll in a college may be at times surly, reclusive, exuberant, talkative, manic, anxious and exhausted – sometimes changing moods within one breath – personifying the complexities of going to college. Zafrin, one senior in the midst of choosing a college, recently …


Rules of Dating…I Mean, Choosing a College

Open houses, admit days, and overnight stays for prospective students are like the blind dates of the college application process. No different than arranging and primping for the first date in order to make a good impression, months have gone into planning these annual events. Workshops are arranged, rooms are reserved, student hosts are trained, …