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International Academic Collaboration Under Siege

When students and professors from different countries collaborate, the quality of the university scholarship improves concomitantly. Yet, many international students, particularly Chinese students, are less sure if they can complete their studies at U.S. universities, given current travel bans and changes to U.S. foreign policy.  …as President Trump’s confrontation with Beijing over trade and security makes pursuing …


Best or Worst U.S. States to Live for Health

Looking to move to or prospect for a college in some far away, unfamiliar state, and weighing the costs and benefits of living in said state?  Perhaps, the following “Health Risks By Area” chart, pinpointing five health risks by state, may help in those difficult “which state to live in (temporarily or permanently)” discussions. Related PostsGuest Post: …


Reverse Study Abroad: International Students in the U.S.

Before choosing a college in the U.S. understand not only the educational and academic experience, understand the social environment of the university and its location.  Understanding how the local community will support and incorporate international diversity can help students transition and focus on their academic pursuits. U.S. students consider the same issues when choosing colleges …