Tests assess but don’t always determine aptitude

And, as Bart Simpson exemplifies once again, a test without context can create conflicting results far removed from reality. Answering standardized multiple choice questions, at a single moment in the time-space continuum, subject to emotional reactions and human temperament, then interpreted in a formulaic analysis, identifying aptitude without ever seeking the view of the kid whose future has now been…

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The path to educational normalcy begins….sort of

Even though students are returning to K-12 campuses, either in hybrid models, toggling between in person attendance on campuses and virtual school, or a full five day a week schedule, the social dynamic amongst students as well as the learning process, is shifting.  New social divisions amongst students are forming, as some students, especially secondary school students, are discomforted confronting…

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Mind the Generational Gaps by Playing Games Today

Members of one generation can’t seem to avoid falling into gaps of mis-understanding regarding another generation. Eventully, they hit bottom, stumble around in the darkness of their own ignorance, often manufacturing a conclusion to ease their anxiety, at the cost of understanding the other generation. I’ll offer gaming in the digital versus real world, as a case in point. Parents,…

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Re-Opening Quandary

As the numbers of diagnosed COVID cases wanes and more Americans are being vaccinated, the desire to re-open schools seems to be increasing. In a recent Pew Research poll, more Americans believe that students need in-person interaction to continue their academic progress:  Yet, in the same poll, 59% of respondents also believe schools should wait to reopen until all teachers…

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Success Redefined

Artie Shaw, the renowned Jazz clarinetist said, “Success is an opiate.” Success is not what people think of you, not what you do, the awards you receive or the material trappings you have collected. Instead, confidence in one’s purpose, a calling that defines a higher esteem, an evolution of our spirit, often requires a Guru to show us the path. …

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Deferred Student Loan Payments and Interest May Diminish Tax Deduction

Starting in March 2020, first former President Trump, then President Biden have automatically suspended accrual of Federal student loan interest, as well as deferred student loan repayment for every borrower. According to Federal tax law, all borrowers can claim a deduction of the student loan interest paid during the previous tax year. Yet given the automatic deferment of interest for…

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Homeschool parody

Parents in the Age of the Zoom Schoolhouse

In Zoom School, some parents are redefining “Parent Participation”, or from their kids’ perspective, finding new ways to be embarrassing. 😂 To learn more how experts at Creative Marbles Consultancy, help families resolve complex educational and college admissions concerns, especially during the COVID-induced disruption of education, read more at creativemarbles.com

Kurt Vonnegut’s Advice: Trust Your Experience

Sometimes, we gain clarity and/or confidence about our aptitude when the thoughts of another like Kurt Vonnegut, author of Slaughterhouse Five, reflects our own experience: When I was 15, I spent a month working on an archeological dig. I was talking to one of the archeologists one day during our lunch break and he asked those kinds of “getting to…

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Biology Master

Biology Master Work at a Discounted Price

E.O. Wilson, a Harvard-trained renowned biologist, and reported Father of Sociobiology, the study of the social behavior of insects and animals which includes humans, has published an entire biology course—an interactive tome—synthesizing much of Professor Wilson’s life’s work, a rethink of the biological idea, free to anyone on iTunes, Biology: Life on Earth. Image of E.O. Wilson from Wikipedia In…

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Comedy: Aaron Zamost observation of today's distance learning

The Lessons of Distance Learning: Comedy Version

For all the challenges of distance learning, some students and their parents are re-imagining the schooling process. One college student is redefining “multi-tasking”, making sure he attends virtual class while pursuing his physical education at the same time: While another student is building life skills as well as understanding why physical activity is important, plus further defined “irony” for his…

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Image: University of California Undergraduate Application System Temporarily Offline

University of California Application Deadline Extension

Updated: November 29, 2020 at 10:53 pm The University of California has extended the application deadline to December 4, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST in response to the slowed servers earlier on November 29, 2020. Currently, University of California (UC) applicants see the message “System Offline” when trying to access their applications online. In conversation with the UC Applicant Help…

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The Unemployment Conundrum Continues

Increasing emergency unemployment claims seems to indicate more people have lost their jobs, yet decreasing continuing jobless claims could mean those unemployed are now employed or failed to get a job, thus are or at risk of being permanently unemployed (or those no longer looking for work.) Translation: we either have at best a bifurcated job market or at worst,…

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Frustrations About Testing

To stymie cheating, teachers are changing assessments. Instead of simply reiterating the concepts learned, students are being asked to explain their answers or apply the concepts learned. However, no one shared the changes in how they’ll be assessed with students, inciting frustration amongst students as well as parents, and also teachers.  Online, students have access to calculators, Wikipedia and other…

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Put Down Your #2 Pencils: The University of California Eliminates SAT/ACT Scores, COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW: Part 9

As the University of California (UC) admissions officers evaluate every applicant according to 14 Comprehensive Review points, understanding each criteria is useful for applicants to prepare accordingly, knowing that the totality of their high school experience will be considered when determining their admissions.  The UC admissions evaluators seek a thorough understanding of an applicant’s high school academic performance, including GPA,…

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Good news with a caveat

As the graph above shows, for counties in the “Acceleration” and “Late Accumulation” stages, including the United States, the peak of the first wave of COVID-19 infections appears imminent, while countries like China and Korea are in the recovery stage of the cycle. So, the current efforts to “tampen the curve” by sheltering in place and closing schools and college…

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