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Many Thanks!

We appreciate all who’ve supported us at Creative Marbles Consultancy for the past seventeen years. We’ve never had an advertising budget, instead our consulting has grown to serve thousands of families across the United States, simply through word-of-mouth referrals from our clients and friends. Thank you for generosity and willingness to continue sharing us with …


3…2…1…Liftoff! Launching the Class of 2013

Commencements can be bittersweet moments–a celebration of accomplishments, while simultaneously a doorway into a new unknown.  The following are words of wisdom from graduation festivities around the United States, as the Class of 2013 enters the world with new knowledge and greater experience.  And, for posterity, I added my two cents. President Barak Obama, Morehouse University: …

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Happy, Happy Thanksgivings To One and All From Your Friends at Creative Marbles

Our resident seven year old history teacher–while once again practicing the oral tradition of concentrating when listening to an instruction and sharing it from memory with others–recites a historical synopsis of Thanksgiving in helping to define the importance of this day. At Creative Marbles Consultancy, we take a somewhat day off today (college deadlines happen …