Best Wishes For Fall 2020!

We’re grateful each fall to collaborate with undergraduate and graduate school applicants to help them gain a greater confidence in their inherent abilities as defined by the totality of their experiences in order to effectively complete the college admisisons process, thus increasing the likelihood of obtaining value in their educational investment. May all have continued success in all their endeavors!

CMC Celebrates Fall 2020 College Admissions Success!

We are grateful for having the opportunity to advise students who were accepted to 90 universities and medical schools throughout the United States for Fall 2020 admissions during our seventeenth college application season.  Each year, students trust us to generously share their life’s stories with us as they articulate their vision and define their purpose for attending college. We not…

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International Academic Collaboration Under Siege

When students and professors from different countries collaborate, the quality of the university scholarship improves concomitantly. Yet, many international students, particularly Chinese students, are less sure if they can complete their studies at U.S. universities, given current travel bans and changes to U.S. foreign policy.  …as President Trump’s confrontation with Beijing over trade and security makes pursuing a U.S. education more difficult,…

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Student Loan Payment Pause

On Friday, March 27, 2020, Congress and President Trump passed the CARES Act [Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act], and millions of student loan borrowers gained a temporary reprieve from making payments until September 30, 2020. Additionally, as President Trump promised two weeks ago, student loan interest is also waived until September 30, 2020. Mark Kantrowitz of, recommends:…

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Know Your Frenemies AKA Writing College Essays?

Every college, transfer and graduate school applicant is facing their own “mirror” as they brainstorm their life’s story to draft their college essays, which being autobiographical will be some of the toughest writing they’ve ever done. Being educated isn’t just about learning reading, writing and ‘rithmatic, but also understanding ourselves so we understand our life’s purpose. The personal statements and…

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A Neat Interactive on College Majors and Earnings

A neat interactive on earnings, occupations, and college majors from the Brookings Institution.  You can view the median earnings for various careers over time based on factors like age, sex, college major, and whether you attended graduate school. The disparities in median earnings between the sexes are especially notable. Try putting in your own information to see how you stack…

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