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Why a College Degree May Not Be a Guarantee of “Wealth” and Prosperity

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College Degree = Value, Right?

Financial security, or the promise of lifetime employment, is often a reason for choosing to attend college.  However, recent income and employment trends may give college-bound students pause to further contemplate their expectations of job security with a college degree. 44% of today’s college graduates are underemployed, meaning they don’t need a college degree for …


More 25 Year Olds Have Student Debt…And At Higher Average Amounts

As seen in the chart below, the red line indicates that the portion of 25-year olds with student debt has grown from 25% in 2003 to 43% in 2012–meaning an increasing portion of young adults are choosing to “bring forward” expected future earnings to pay for a college degree. Furthermore, the black line on the chart …