Ever Wonder Why The Dollars in Your Pocket Are Less?

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FAFSA Changes Release Date

The FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the government form required to apply for financial aid at any U.S. college or university, will be released on October 1, 2016. The October date is a full three months earlier than previous years, when the FAFSA was released on January 1. What the earlier release …


The FAFSA PIN is Now the FSA ID

When submitting the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid to apply for financial aid at colleges and universities all over the United States, parents and students have needed a PIN number as their electronic signature.  Recently, Federal Student Aid has changed the PIN to an FSA ID, which will serve as an electronic …


Student Debt in Seven Charts

Not all student debt is ruinous.  However, borrowing can be complex.  Loans spend tomorrow’s income today, and for college students, a promise of tomorrow’s income is spent to pay for expenses in the present day.  Understanding recent growth in student loans and the challenges of repayment can help potential student loan borrowers consider both the benefits and the risks before borrowing. …


Ahead of the Curve: February 27, 2014

From Our Clients: Aaaaccck! How do we pay for college?  Parents often tell themselves, “First things first.  Applications, THEN we’ll think about how to pay for college.”  Totally an expected reaction, when considering the six figure totals for a college education these days.  However, the planning to pay for college can take place long before …


Ahead of the Curve: January 5, 2014

From Our Clients:  More Common App Problems: January 1 is one of the common college application due dates for popular and highly selective colleges, like Stanford, Harvard, Rice, Brown, Notre Dame, Claremont McKenna, Northwestern – just to name a few.  In the midnight hours starting on the East Coast and moving West, the Common Application website, …

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More College Admissions 101

Additional insights to answer the complex questions Hewlett Packard employees asked during our second College Admissions and Financial Aid Brown Bag Lunch, since we were limited in our discussion time last week.  Each topic is bolded, with the details listed below: College Application Essays The autobiographical college application essays are a meaningful part of any …


Is College Financial Aid Really Aid?

The difference between the value of college, indicated by price and intrinsic worth, and what a family feels they can afford to pay creates the need for financial aid.  But, college bound buyer beware: NOT ALL FINANCIAL AID AWARDED BY THE UNIVERSITY IS ACTUALLY AID.  Related PostsPrudent Fiscal Planning (Part 3):You can’t always get what you …


Affording College Expenses = Planning, Planning and More Planning

Many families believe their income is too high to qualify for any financial aid, so begin making alternative plans to pay for college, and don’t complete the required forms to apply for financial aid–including the FAFSA.  Regardless of the family’s perception or stories they’ve heard about other people’s experiences, always fill out the FAFSA.  Let …


Guest Post: The Saving for College Challenge, Part One – How Can I Save For College

About the authors: For over 25 years, Cynthia S. Meyers, CFP®, MBA, has assisted people with their Lifetime Financial Planning–helping to build and preserve wealth in every area of life.  Jenny Hood, CFP® has been a paraplanner with Cynthia S. Meyers for five years and enjoys being a part of the financial planning process.  They …