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Moving Across the Country for College

HS.Washington DC. 2017

  I am grateful to join DC’s network of go-getters. I am drawn to the vibrancy of the city and the intellect of the citizens (just as I was 4 months ago when I visited). I feel I have a lot to offer and I am confident in my ability to adapt to this new …


The Complexity of Choosing Colleges

The vastness of the western United States, specifically California, can actually limit our view. Each time I speak with high school juniors about college choices, I hear the aforementioned oxymoron. The diverse geography of California and distance of Northern California to Southern California can entice students to think they’re making a big move away from …


Ahead of the Curve: January 23, 2014

From the News: Some Parents, Educators are Rethinking the Role of AP, Baltimore Sun January 18, 2014 Who Cheats and Why, The Atlantic Monthly January/February 2014 More on Net Costs, Higher Ed Data Stories January 13, 2014 From our Clients: SAT, ACT or Both? The format of each test is different, and students can respond …