The Shrinking American Middle Class, Part 2

Like I posited a few days ago, “Why is the American middle class shrinking?” Firstly, it can be argued that personal success, whether economic or humanistic, requires the acquisition of knowledge and the application of such knowledge. However, rote memorization and regurgitation on cue, skills necessary to compete in the modern American academic meritocracy, yet often devoid of higher order…

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Examining Subjectivity in the Fall 2021 College Admissions Process

The COVID-induced disruption of the educational system, has also upended the Fall 2021 college admissions process. From suspended admissions requirements, like submitting SAT and ACT scores to the implementation of Pass/No Pass style marks for Spring 2020, instead of academic letter grades, effectively reducing students’ cumulative Grade Point Averages (GPA), students and parents are questioning how applicants will be evaluated. …

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A First Day of School to Remember

As college students prepare to return to college campuses, scattered in varying locales around the nation, to begin the 2020-21 school year, it will not be business as usual given the surrounding outbreak of the novel COVID-19 coronavirus; therefore, monitoring the fluid situation, locally, regionally and nationally, will be of vital importance.  The New York Times published a searchable college…

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AP Exam Scores Challenged

After students received their May 2020 Advanced Placement (AP) scores in mid-July 2020, many were distressed to earn scores less than expected, and now, with their parents’ support, are appealing their scores. Student’s disappointment about their scores simply compounds an existing dismay, after enduring the multitude of technical issues during the administration of the May exams, as well as the…

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Is The Golden Ticket Tarnished?

In the current economic backdrop, where the median view of economists predict a near 5% year over year decline in GDP (total amount of goods and services produced in the American economy) for 2020 (officially a recession), where both initial and continuing unemployment claims stubbornly loom above their longer run average, and though the economy seems to have bottomed, a…

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Paradise Lost

Many are doing more with less, while living through the global, systemic retreat from “life as we knew it”, induced by a virus we cannot see. For some, though, doing the “same with less” is now their life’s maxim, having accepted substantial pay cuts to remain employed during the current economic upheaval.  As Megan Casella of Politco writes: Now, with…

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How to Speak Gen Z

Teenagers throughout the generations have created their own iteration of the English language. Gen X’ers’ “rads”, “gag me with a spoon”s, and “psyche!”s, have given way to Gen Z’ers’ “lit”, “we love that”, and “nunya”. Ya feel me? Well, thankfully, Massachusetts teacher, Mr. James Callahan created a Gen Z dictionary for those of us challenged to speak the latest iteration…

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Educational Adjustment Ahead

As college students prepare for the new 2020-21 school year, the college experience during the time of COVID-19 will be fundamentally altered. Students, professors, parents and college adminstrators are in the midst of an adjustment period, transitioning to a new mode of learning. Perhaps, for those students attending in-person classes in the U.S., professors will arrive to lecture looking like…

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The Best Laid Plans are Those that Survive Unplanned Predicaments

In response to the COVID-induced disruption of education, the college admissions process is changing. Many parents and students are now questioning how applicants will be evaluated for Fall 2021 admissions and in years beyond.  Traditional metrics for evaluating admissions, like GPA, are less reliable, given many high schools implemented Pass/No Pass-style marks in spring 2020, effectively lowering students’ cumulative GPA’s.…

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Life is a journey not the destination

Reason #1,345,765 that applying to college is complicated by competing interests, in reference to the meme above, a parent’s intellect vs. a parent’s heart. The possible fear and excitement of the unknown, a new chapter separating parents’ and children’s lives by beginning college in the next twelve months, may be a bittersweet reward for decades of effort, all the carpools,…

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Gotta Love Mom

Parents by setting high but broad expectations based on an understanding of their children can help guide them to realize their life’s purpose. Though, it’s important for parents to remember that they’re only setting expectations, which may not be indicative of future results, which nonetheless, should be celebrated.

The COVID-Induced College Conundrum

In mid-March 2020, under threats to public health associated with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, government officials acted swiftly, instituting a series of closures that disrupted our lives, especially for college students who were summarily sent back to their childhood homes, halting their coming of age process. As of May 2020, officials believing the worst was over, relaxed the restrictions and…

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Employment Outlook Requires Purposeful Action

With nearly half of all American adults out-of-work and a second wave of the coronavirus making itself known with governments at the state, federal and local levels issuing varying orders affecting daily life, new entrants into the labor market, the young college graduate or not, are rightfully concerned. Nearly half of the population is still out of a job showing…

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Best Wishes For Fall 2020!

We’re grateful each fall to collaborate with undergraduate and graduate school applicants to help them gain a greater confidence in their inherent abilities as defined by the totality of their experiences in order to effectively complete the college admisisons process, thus increasing the likelihood of obtaining value in their educational investment. May all have continued success in all their endeavors!