To Wait or Not To Wait, That Is the Question

Waitlist offers—the no man’s land of college admissions, an offer for the B Team, a “we’ll call you, don’t call us”—hope and doubt all wrapped up in a single “Maybe”. Students, although navigating through the emotion of wondering why one wasn’t quite “good enough”, can still lobby for an offer of admissions. But, should they?  First, do you still want…

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How COVID-19 may affect Fall 2020 college admissions waitlists

With so many unknowns, as the coronavirus rapidly spreads around the globe, admissions officers from around the US are sharing with Creative Marbles Consultancy they aren’t sure how to predict the enrollment for the incoming classes. Admissions officers are advising that waitlists may become even more vital to round out their incoming class, as they anticipate under-enrollment for the Class…

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A River Runs Through It

The late winter run-off from 12 years of school melting during the latter half of a high school senior year can create an emotional flood. A confluence of Senioritis and waiting for college admissions responses quickly overruns the levees built during a senior’s youth-limited life experience. Seniors decry, “When will I hear from colleges?” or “Many of my friends received…

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College Admissions Yield? Why Students Should Pay Attention

The college admissions yield is the percentage of students who enroll from the total number of students admitted to the school.  A higher yield shows the greater likelihood that an admitted student will enroll; thus, colleges will often admit less students and may have shorter wait lists, if any. So, for prospective applicants, a higher yield also means a more…

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College waitlists: the in-between of college admissions

College wait lists offers can leave seniors with more questions than answers.  Why didn’t I get accepted, yet wasn’t denied admissions?  What information, if anything, should I send to boost my chances of admissions from the wait list?  How, and is, the wait list ranked?  What are my chances of being admitted from the wait list?  Where else should I…

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