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Delicious Student Loan Relief

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While Mom always warns us not to eat too much fast food, Burger King’s recent offer may change her mind. Given the historically record setting $1.5 Trillion total student loan debt, Burger King is offering 301 of the 44 million Americans with student debt some relief–up to $100,000 for one lucky person and $500 each …


Tied at the Hip: Modern-Day Parenting

“Helicopter Parenting” has become a norm, which can delay adult children taking responsibility for themselves. More colleges staff are now sponsoring a PTA-like “College Parent Groups”. Adult children can also tie themselves to mom and dad; some request editorial advice on college papers through Google Documents. And, as no parent wants their child to suffer, …


Is College the New Speculation?

Often students earn college degrees to increase their likelihood of future financial stability.  Yet, as college costs are rising, students and their parents subsequently are borrowing more to earn said degree, thus students “spend” the equivalent of a few years’ of post-graduation wages while parents may delay retirement, the question is, “Is college worth the …


Where is the “Middle” in Middle Class?

Middle class families can sometimes feel like this: Cartoon credit: Americans for Limited Government, 2015 Especially when considering the annually increasing tuition, and other costs for a college education:   Related PostsProcrastination or Provocation? ALERT: Common App Change for Counselor Recommendation Low SAT Score = Total Failure? NOT


Student Loan Repayments May Cost More Than The Amount Borrowed

Changes to repayment rules for Federal student loans offers borrowers flexibility to manage their debts, as outlined in a recent New York Times article.  However, not only do the recent changes provide assistance for current borrowers, potential student loan borrowers can plan ahead. Our recommendations are outlined, alongside excerpts of the article in italics. Rising …