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Grade Inflation Exposed

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I often listen to students’ and parents’ worries about high school grades that are any other letter but an A. The A grade has become synonymous with “smart”, “the key to college acceptances” and “bragging rights”.  But, in the quest to “achieve”, often the confidence in knowing oneself and one’s strengths, so as to boldly …


And, The Oops! Award for Fall 2016 College Admissions Goes To…

….University of California Santa Cruz! We’ve all “clicked prematurely”, but on Wednesday, March 15, 2016, the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC regional admissions officer for UC Santa Cruz sent 4000 “Congratulations on your admissions to UC Santa Cruz!” emails to students who hadn’t even applied. At least this application season (knock on wood), only UC Santa …


MIT Admissions Honors Pi Day

In an annual homage to Pi Day (3.14), MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) releases their admissions decisions.  So, on Monday, 3.14.16 at 6:28 pm ET in a galaxy close, close to you, check decisions.mit.edu Related PostsDepth Over Breadth? Texts from a College Admissions Victor Maybe a Summer-Slide Is Just What the Doctor Ordered?


About the June 6, 2015 SAT Error

  First, take a deep breath.  Hearing “error” and “SAT” in the same sentence can create stress. The College Board will NOT ask anyone to retake the SAT, despite a printing error on the June 6, 2015 test.  Here’s what happened, straight from the College Board public announcement: The time allotted for a specific math …