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Liberal Tech

A recent Forbes article, highlighted the importance of humanities and other liberal arts degrees, despite the cultural norm that STEM is the only means to economic prosperity. The human to human connection is what bridges technology with it’s intended outcome: more efficiency based on information. Although technology is a more efficient means to collate data, …


Welcome to the New Adulthood

For most of us, moving out of the parental units’ house is the ultimate signifier of adulthood.  So, what’s the threshold defining adulthood for the growing numbers of 25 year olds, who live with their parents (even after moving away for college)? Since 2002, parental co-residence rates have only risen:   And, in 2012:   Related PostsFinding …


Ever Wonder Where The Day Went?

The following chart represents the average time spent each day on a variety of activities for ALL American adults (people aged 15 or older), from the Bureau of Labor Statistics most recent American Time Use study.  Might give you some answers to  “where did all my time go today?” pondering. Some highlights: Only .47 hours of …