CMC’s History

The idea for Creative Marbles Consultancy (CMC) percolated 25 years ago during Art’s decade-long teaching career in the private and public sectors of education. Through the years of classroom experiences and particularly while managing a nonprofit college-readiness program, he learned that academic success is sustained when entire families and communities collectively work together.  He collaborated with many educators, aspiring to one day create an environment that ensures a student’s educational goals be met and sustained over the longterm. 

Before co-founding CMC, from her experiences in the classroom and as a community educator, Jill learned about the lack of coordination between families, educators and other community members, created inefficiencies in the modern day K-12 system. 

Meeting nearly 20 years ago while both teaching, Jill, a Harvard-trained educator with the theoretical understanding of academic pedagogy complimented Art’s extensive field work. They shared an ambition to provide families an educational solution so their children obtain their desired academic outcomes.  The two immediately started brainstorming how they could manifest their vision of an innovative, educational consultancy where the entire family, as well as all community stakeholders collaborate together.  

Their efforts came to fruition in January of 2003, when CMC was formally established as a private educational firm.  From their home base in Northern California, they advise many families in the Greater Sacramento region as well as around the country.  Since the creation of CMC, Art and Jill continue to work alongside families, ensuring they obtain timely and objective guidance vital to securing the often-time hidden value in education.

Meet the Co-Founders of CMC

Art Baird of Creative Marbles Consultancy

Founding Partner of Creative Marbles Consultancy (CMC)

Chief Executive Officer

Jill Yoshikawa of Creative Marbles Consultancy

Jill Yoshikawa, Ed M Harvard ’99 of Creative Marbles Consultancy

Partner of Creative Marbles Consultancy (CMC)

Educational and College Admissions Consultant