College Closures Cause Consternation

The hope of a triumphant return to four year college campuses all over the world for the quintissential residential college experience, is quickly being deflated as one after another, college administrators are shutting down and sometimes, sending kids home—University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Michigan State University, and University of Notre Dame just to name a few—due to the rising risks of infection from COVID-19.

While students understand the rational for shuttering campuses and switching to a distance learning model of education, they are still disappointed about their expectations of a complete residential college experience not being met.

In their disappointment, without the coming of age experience of living apart from their family transitioning to adulthood while at college, The Golden Ticket, the belief that a four year college degree is the most efficient means to lifelong economic prosperity, may be losing its luster for many in the current generation.

How much longer will students and their parents continue extending goodwill, paying full tuition costs for a less-than-expected college experience, with the promise that one day we’ll return to normal and repopulate college campuses?

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