CMC Celebrates Fall 2020 College Admissions Success!

The map (above) illustrates where Creative Marbles Consultancy’s first year college students, transfers, graduates, and medical school students have been accepted for Fall 2020.

We are grateful for having the opportunity to advise students who were accepted to 90 universities and medical schools throughout the United States for Fall 2020 admissions during our seventeenth college application season. 

Each year, students trust us to generously share their life’s stories with us as they articulate their vision and define their purpose for attending college. We not only learn about the next generation, we reflect more about ourselves and evolve to be better humans. 

Finally, in collaborating with students and families to find the colleges which best match their aptitudes, we were able to study college institutions and gain greater understanding of the opportunities offered and how they educate the leaders of tomorrow.

Congratulations to all! May all prosper and realize their full potential.