Open for business, partially

Although more states are beginning to reopen, which is progressing everyday, the degree of “reopening” will vary given the differences in political inclinations of each city, county and state, as well as the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in a particular region.

And, although states, counties and/or cities may be lifting shelter-in-place orders, as Goldman Sachs suggests, the process toward full reopening will be gradual

How individuals will react is yet to be determined, especially when almost one-third of respondents in a recent poll stated they’d remain in quarantine, thus complicating the return to “normal”: 

And, perhaps their caution is warranted, since no vaccine has yet been discovered nor “herd immunity” has been developed or proven effective. Parents particularly may be more cautious about allowing their children out or participating in normal activities themselves. 

And, if history is prologue, then the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic can serve as a cautionary tale for parents and students to plan accordingly for fall, as secondary outbreaks are likely: