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Reinvention also means the death of something and the resurrection of something from the past but then a creation of something that never existed before, a whole mindset that never existed before.

Dr. Deepak Chopra

As we all continue putting one foot in front of the other, walking our way through an extraordinary time, perhaps spending a considerable amount of emotional energy just wishing for the end of shelter-in-place ordinance and a “return to normal”, perhaps, instead, we can reflect on Dr. Chopra’s words.

When we recognize we’re grieving, longing for a normalacy of pre-Shelter in Place life, then we can focus our attentions on what is happening now to create “something that never existed before”, possibly an action that is the basis for history changing events.

And, as Dr. Chopra also stated:

The worst use of imagination is anxiety. The best use of imagination is creativity.

Thus, freed from our daily busy-ness, like school, work, homework, practices, lessons, tutoring, clubs, volunteering, then we have some room to breathe and imagine.

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