Tricks of the Academic Trade

Online tools are useful homework management techniques for students.  Yet, with the plethora of online tools available, knowing which tools are actually worthy can be tricky.  So, here’s a couple tools that are student-tested and recommended:

  • Wolfram|Alpha: a searchable database for all academic subjects, including solutions to exact math problems.  For an additional fee, students can purchase greater access to the database and customer support.
  • Final Grade Calculator: many students prioritize how to spend their limited time and effort for the classes where their grades most need a boost, especially during Finals Week.  The Final Grade Calculator provides evidence, so students can more effectively prioritize their time, and still obtain the grade sought.
  • Keep Me Out:  For those (and who isn’t) tempted to browse the internet instead of the task at hand, Keep Me Out temporarily “blocks” identified websites, like social media, from being accessed during key work times.  (Another low-tech strategy to resist temptation is changing passwords on any accounts and giving the new passwords to your mom!)

Feel free to send any other useful websites and tools that aid in being academically successful. 

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