Ahead of the Curve: July 5, 2014

Inspired by CMC Clients

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Test Scores Students often believe that a score of less than 3 will hurt their college admissions competitiveness.  The belief is a myth.  A student’s willingness to challenge themselves academically by taking AP classes and the tests will be considered by college officials in the admissions process.  The score, however, is of little consequence during admissions evaluations.  The score is most important when determining college class units after enrolling in a particular institution.
  • College Essays: Choosing a topic for the college essay can be a process in itself.  Narrowing a topic without considering the range of 16+ years of life experiences as possibilities may prematurely stunt a student in the writing process.  In addition, not exploring a wide variety of potential topics may unwittingly shortchange the competitiveness of the final essay submitted with the college application.
  • Paying for College As college costs continue rising, parents may be concerned about paying for college without going bankrupt or having to work until they’re 95 years old.  Developing a savings for future college costs is only one strategy to help families pay for college.  Teaching kids financial literacy and the value of money, by starting an allowance or talking with them about the costs of their current extra-curricular activities, can help them understand the tens of thousands of dollars that will be paid for their college educations eventually.

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