Ahead of the Curve: March 18, 2014

From Our Clients:

  • The New SAT: current high school freshman (Class of 2017) will be the first students to take the recently updated SAT.  The newest version with an optional essay section, will be given for the first time in Spring 2016.  Stay tuned for how the new SAT will or will not affect the college admissions eligibility process.
  • Common Core: changes to math and English classes are not currently influencing college admissions eligibility standards.  Although the high school and middle school curriculum are changing, college admissions eligibility standards (i.e. 4 years of English and 3 years of mathematics through Algebra II) have not shifted.
  • College Waitlists: AKA “College Admissions Purgatory” – a waitlist offer is not quite a “Yes, you’ve been admitted” and not a “No, you’ve been denied admissions”. The continued unknown of a waitlist offer can prolong the anxiety of both deciding where to enroll, as well as the ceaseless wonderings about why a waitlist offer was received and not an acceptance or straight denial.  Students and their families should discuss both the benefits of electing to stay on the waitlist or moving on to other options.  JUNIORS BEWARE: the unpredictable nature of college admissions – as witnessed by the Class of 2014’s current acceptance, denial or waitlist offers arriving daily – demonstrates once again the importance of choosing a diverse range of colleges for application.

From the News: