Ahead of the Curve: January 23, 2014

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  • SAT, ACT or Both? The format of each test is different, and students can respond with higher test scores on one over the other.  Since college admissions offices will only consider the highest test scores that most help a student be competitive for admissions, then taking both tests won’t hurt a student’s chances for a college acceptance.
  • What’s a little snow? For us Californians, snow seems like an adventure or like water to a cat.  As the prolonged dearth of rain continues here, a little weather seems enticing too, even if just to break up the monotony.  Of course, to our readers anywhere else – especially in the Midwest and East Coast, I may sound looney.  But, I digress.  Snow and weather are important criteria when thinking about colleges, especially for those of us with NO life experience, other than the occasional ski day, of living in snow.  And, I can say that with confidence, as the snow was one draw to enroll at Harvard, but the snow in Ann Arbor was enough to stay away from the University of Michigan.  And, one winter was more than enough to prove I’m definitely a weather-spoiled California Girl.
  • FAFSA, Financial Aid and the CSS/Profile:  Fill out the forms to apply for financial aid, despite the uncertainties of thoughts that “We make too much money to qualify for financial aid.”  The CSS/Profile and the FAFSA are the only ways a family can know if there’s any need-based financial aid available to help with college expenses. Each college has its own financial aid policy, so assistance can vary.  For families conscious about the price of college, applying for financial aid can give as much information possible, to make the most informed decision possible.
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