Top 10 Remarks NOT To Make At Holiday Gatherings

Seniors and their entire immediate family are experiencing the college application process close up and personal. So in the spirit of holiday giving, if you don’t make ANY of the following top 10 remarks to a college applicant, they’ll appreciate the super-bonus holiday gift:

10. “So, where are you applying to college?”

9.  “What are you planning to major in?”

8.  “You remember so-and-so’s daughter, she went there [to that college].  You should talk with her.”

7.  “Did you hear that so-and-so got into [insert name] college, already?  Have you heard from [insert name] college too?”

6.  “When will you start applying for scholarships?”

5. “Why don’t you apply to my alma-mater, [insert name of college]? I had a great time!  You will too…” Then, launch into stories about the good ol’ college days.

4. “Aren’t you going to apply to [insert name of the local 4 year college] and save your parents some money?”

3. “When are you going to be done with college applications?”

2. “Why do you want to go to that school.  Its so cold!”

1. “You know so-and-so didn’t get into that college.  Are you sure you want to apply there, too?”


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