Ahead of the Curve: November 15, 2013

From the News:

From our Clients:

  • Lessons Learned: Juniors take note of Seniors’ plight right about now.  Watch the bags under their eyes grow, listen to their complaints about college essays, and notice their absence from school in the days immediately before and the day of college application deadlines.  Beware this may be you in a year.
  • Online College Applications: Although submitting college applications at 11:59 pm on the deadline date can still qualify as “on-time”, unforeseen technical issues, internet connection problems, a credit card payment that can’t be processed, and the something-could-go-wrong list goes on and on, applicants would be wise to NOT wait until (literally) the 11th hour. Not to be overlooked, online application servers can slow considerably in the hours leading up to a deadline, as MANY other applicants have shared the same idea to wait until the end, creating additional frustrations.
  • Choosing a High School:  As students experience high schools through shadow days and high school applications become due, parents can wonder how their high school choice will affect a college admissions in 5 years. The pressure to pick the right high school starts building, and all of a sudden a 13-year old tween is suddenly destitute for not having gone to the right college.  First, take a deep breath.  Second, all the information a parent needs to make a high school choice is sitting literally across the dinner table.  Take stock of the personality and budding interests of the ‘tween-ager, then match the high school to the kid – not the other way around.

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