Ahead of the Curve: November 7, 2013

From the News:

From CMC Clients:

  • Parent Conversations with High School Teachers: At the quarter/mid-semester break, I start receiving more phone calls from parents of high schoolers concerned about the possible ramifications of talking with their son/daughter’s high school teachers, yet wanting information because a grade is lower than expected.  While throughout the semester, parents may have encouraged their child to talk with the teacher, no immediate impact to a grade may have been noticed.
  • Common App Time Stamp: The Common Application time stamps submitted applications either in Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).  Not to worry if a time stamp says the day AFTER a deadline; generally, college admissions offices honor the time zone of the applicant. If you’re concerned about pushing a deadline, knowing you tend to procrastinate, contact the college admissions office days in advance to ask what time zone will be considered an “on time” submission.
  • Extra-curricular Activities and Academic Majors: Extra-curricular activities can help students explore possible majors, before having to declare one in applications.  Summers can provide concentrated time to attend a camp or other program to indulge an academic interest.