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Teaching Style Can Create Stress Among Some Students in a Classroom of Thirty Five Students

Today’s podcast is an edited conversation with a client (high school junior) who was attempting to identify pressure surrounding the day-to-day academic grind. Within the broader conversation, the student suggested that the teaching style of their AP English teacher was creating undo stress and anxiety on the part of the student and their family. Our response-which is evolved over our two decades working with clients both in and outside of the classroom-framed a possible solution to a problem that is tragically all too common in our (America) over crowded, underfunded high school classrooms. It should be duly noted that there is always two sides to every story and we only heard the students. Our advice was tailored to the needs of this particular client and may not be applicable to all students. That said, we hope this podcast might help to shed some light on both the possible problem and solution, and in the process reduces the level of stress in your household, if indeed, your student finds themselves in a similar situation.